Frequently Asked Questions

A bespoke event website becomes your new event venue! We know it’s not how you’re used to housing your event but the event webpage will provide many benefits and can host your event content (both live streams and on-demand videos) along with Q&A functionality, your branding and your sponsors branding.

Absolutely, we can host either your entire website behind a gated page, or specific content within the website. You’ll just need to share the log in credentials with your delegates in advance.

Yes, things can go wrong with live streaming events especially when we (the production team) are remote from the presenters. That’s why, wherever possible, we would recommend pre-recording your key presentations/roundtable discussions etc. rather than live streaming. This allows us to post-produce the output, providing a slick ‘picture-in-picture’ video.

However, we understand in some instances that live streaming presentations/roundtbables is required. In this instance, we’ll share best practice documents with the presenter/participants and conduct short testing calls with individual participants ahead of the live stream to check audio, visual and connectivity. We’ll also host, facilitate and provide Production Direction throughout the live stream to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Two way communication is a massive part of any event and it’s really important your delegates can still ask questions. This can happen two ways – firstly we’ll include Q&A text box on the website so that your delegates can submit questions ahead of the Q&A sessions (these sessions could either be live streamed or pre-recorded).

Secondly, your delegates can raise their hand during live meetings and ask a question when invited to by the host. This option is better for meetings with a smaller number of delegates.

We appreciate that sponsors are looking for return on investment when sponsoring your event. There’s a number of ways you can do this with your online event:

  • Sponsor’s logo added to the sponsor panel of the event website
  • Banner adverts added to the event website
  • Promotional videos from your sponsors can be played at the beginning of your on-demand presentation/roundtable videos

The good thing about online events is that all of the presentations, roundtables and Q&A sessions will be recorded, providing you with a wealth of on-demand content that you can promote to your target audience, long after the event has finished.

We’ve created a virtual exhibition option for your online event so that you can still provide the opportunity for exhibitors to meet with potential clients. As with a stand at a conference, exhibitors will  be able to provide delegates with key information and marketing materials and we can even integrate live video calls to enhance the networking opportunity and open up a two way dialogue.

Networking and meeting new contacts is such a valuable element of any event. In addition to networking opportunities via our exhibition offering (see above), we’ll work with you to think outside the box about how you can transition your networking online.

You could ask delegates, prior to the event, to highlight areas of most interest to them, allowing you to create smaller groups who can network during a closed group discussion. Perhaps one of your sponsors would even be happy to send mini bottles of wine to all delegates so that they can really get in the spirit of networking! 

Please reach out to Rae on and she’ll get back to you as soon as possible.