Chris Smith
Chris SmithManaging Director
Chris oversees all aspects of production and strategies, ensuring quality and attention to detail is delivered on time and on budget.
George Hopcraft
George HopcraftProduction Manager
George takes care of all things planning and execution, making sure everything is in place before, during and after the shoot.
Hannah Smith
Hannah SmithAccounts & HR Manager
Hannah keeps the operation going behind the scenes and makes sure your budget is on track.
Rae Workman
Rae WorkmanBusiness Development & Marketing Manager
Rae identifies the best strategy for your brief and brings all the elements together to bring your project to life.
Dom Smith
Dom SmithVideo Producer
Dom coordinates and helps with smooth production from start to finish.
Wilson Arrowmith
Wilson ArrowmithVideo Technician
Wilson is our chief in-house editor and is technically savvy when it comes to making your content look great.