We’re experts in our field of live streaming and facilitating online events. We can help you take care of what you know best and you can leave the technical stuff to us. We can assist with your online event by teaching you how to run your own meetings and providing best practice guidance or we can host and facilitate your meetings from afar, whilst you do the talking.

A lot of planning goes into what we do to make sure that everything happens as smoothly as it can and the resulting content is as professional looking as possible.

Webcast Example

Online Webinars

We can capture your speakers, and their Powerpoint Presentations, remotely and turn them into professional-looking branded web-ready video outputs.

If your speaker makes a mistake or needs to change some slides, we can make those edits after the recording before we upload to the web.

Roundtable Meetings

Using existing online software, we can help you to capture roundtable meetings that have many of the same benefits of a face to face roundtable, allowing you to continue to gain vital insights into your chosen topic and to gather opinions from leaders in your sector.

Pre-recording your roundtable meeting reduces participant pressure and allows us to conduct post production edits following the meeting, to produce a slick on-demand version. A variety of views can be utilised in the on-demand version including individual talking head, gallery view of all participants, picture-in-picture with slide and talking head and question slides.

The roundtable meeting can be live streamed to your delegates. If live streaming is the right option for you, we’ll provide all participants with best practice documents and conduct short individual testing calls to check audio, visual and connectivity quality of the roundtable participants.

Roundtable Gallery View

Fireside Chats & Podcasts

Fireside chats, see a host catching up with a guest in an informal, relaxed setting.

We’ll host the chat, capturing both audio and video to provide two outputs – an audio output for you to utilise as a podcast, and a video output for you to host on your event website.

Virtual Exhibitions

Exhibitions are a brilliant networking tool, providing exhibitors with the opportunity to raise brand awareness and meet potential clients. That’s why we’ve created a virtual exhibition option for when you move your event online. As with a stand at a conference, exhibitors will  be able to provide delegates with key information and marketing materials and we can even integrate live video calls to enhance the networking opportunity and open up and two way dialogue with delegates!

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